Membership Registration

Members of the Colleagues of Calligraphy are among the most generous people you could ever want to meet!

Whether you live near us in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota, U.S.A. or halfway around the world, joining the wonderful and talented people who comprise this 40-year-old organization provides great opportunities to

  • Learn about the lettering arts
  • Stretch your artistic muscles
  • Share good humor and fun (and always good food, if you’re in town!)
  • Network with other calligraphic artists and appreciators

What else does your membership in the Colleagues of Calligraphy provide?

  • Year-round communications rich with current information on all workshops,  programs, exhibits, classes and more
  • Instructional workshops promoting individual growth and personal artistic style
  • Priority registration for all workshops
  • Programs from September to April to further enhance your development
  • The opportunity to apply for the Jo White Scholarship Award to fund your continuing calligraphy education
  • Participation in calligraphic exhibits
  • Access to a library filled with instructional books, DVDs and periodicals
  • The opportunity to have a personal page on the Colleagues’ website to promote your own calligraphy-related service. 

Here’s all you have to do: 

Step One: Complete the information below and proceed to Step Two where you can complete the payment process to become a member.

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