Jo White Scholarship Award (JWSA)

Call For Applications

In May 2009, the Colleagues of Calligraphy (COC) established the Jo White Scholarship Award (JWSA), which may grant an annual $1,000 award to a deserving Colleague.

Applications will be accepted annually in September. If the jurors feel there are two worthy applicants in a particular year, a second $1,000 scholarship may be awarded that year. The scholarship money can be used toward further study or experiences as reflected by our mission statement.


Mission Statement
To promote the study and critical practice of calligraphy as a craft and art form, to encourage individual excellence, and to foster a wider appreciation and deeper understanding of calligraphy, its history and applications by the free interchange of ideas and techniques.


Any current Colleague who has been a paid member for at least the last two years is eligible to apply. Scholarship applications can be accessed on the COC web site ( or by request to the scholarship facilitator. Applicants should be prepared to describe, in as much detail as possible, how they intend to use the scholarship. All jury decisions are final.

Those receiving a scholarship will be required, within a “reasonable time” period, as agreed upon between the applicant and facilitator, to give back in some way to the COC. For example, they could provide a monthly program on the content of their studies or experiences, or perhaps write an in-depth article for the newsletter.

Jo White Scholarship – click here to download application