Marketing Your Calligraphy Services With The Colleagues

Would you like to market the calligraphy-related services you offer?

And make it easy for people searching for calligraphic services to connect with a Colleagues of Calligraphy member who can fulfill their needs? Use our website to market your services! 

For $35 a year, we will list your name, city, state, contact information (phone and/or email address), and website URL (if applicable) on the CoC site. Your listing will also include up to 6 samples of your work (if you choose to show any work) for each service you are advertising, a brief description of any specific types of work you do, and a list of your calligraphic services. 

We will strive to add listings to the Calligraphy Services page within approximately 10 business days.


Instructions for Applications: 

1. If you are not yet a paid member of the Colleagues of Calligraphy, please join us! Then return to this page. Click here to join.

2. Fill out the Calligraphy Services Application below, click "submit" and pay on the subsequent page with a credit card or through a PayPal account, if you have one.

3. After your payment has been made, your browser will open a new page that contains the link you will use for uploading up to six images of your work. 

4. Before uploading, please prepare your images according to these Specifications for Digital Images (please note that depending on your browser settings, this link might open in a new tab or window).

5. After submitting your application, your browser will open a new page where you can make your payment. Your services will not be listed until payment is received and your images are uploaded.

6. After completing your payment, a "Return to Merchant" option appears. Click on that button to go to our Thank You for Your Payment page.

7. The Thank You for Your Payment page will link you to the button to "Upload Your Images."

Questions? Contact Rebekah at


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